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"OEM Grip Development"

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OEM Grip Design

We can take any print, drawing or grip idea and bring it to life.  We take your idea and make CAD drawings, cut patterns and manufacture tooling made specifically for your custom grips.

CAD Drawing
CFX Shaped Core

Testing & Finalizing Design

Once the tooling is finished we run tests and finalize the manufacturing process for your design. From start to finished our custom design and development takes two weeks to complete. We can then start mass producing grips for your line of rods with high precision.

Finished Grip
Finished Rod

Mass Production

Once we test and finalize the manufacturing process of your custom grips we can start producing your design in bulk. We can manufacture thousands of grips a week and love making new grips for customers wanting to take their rod performance to the next level.

CFX Mass Production

Have Questions?

Lets discuss your custom project or we can answer any rod grip questions you have.

CFX Shop

We sell direct to qualified OEM rod manufacturers and to rod builders through Mud Hole Tackle. Click the button below to check out how to get our grips.

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