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CFX Technology

"Proprietary Manufacturing Process"

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Precision Equipment & Tooling

The quality and precision of CFX carbon fiber grips starts with our specialized equipment built specifically for manufacturing shaped carbon fiber rods grips. CNC equipment, CAD design and precision tooling allow us to manufacture grips with high dimensional tolerances whether you order 50 grips or 5,000.

Precision Equipment
Precision Tooling

CFX Vibra Cores

Our proprietary core material is what sets us apart from all other grips in the fishing rod industry. EVA, Cork, Polymer and Polyurethane foam are insulators that absorb energy making them poor at transmitting vibrations from the blank. Our CFX cores are a vibration amplifying material, not an insulator, which makes your rod feel and sound more crisp. They are also insanely light!

Vibra Cores
Vibra Cores

CFX Prepreg Carbon Sleeve

CFX prepreg carbon fiber features our optimized fiber to resin ratio process and specialized resin system. This prepreg is designed to bond with our CFX cores and makes our grips extremely strong and light. On average our grips are 30% lighter than other fishing rod grips!

CFX Prepreg
CFX Carbon Fiber

Compression Oven Curing

We developed a specialized curing process that compress our prepreg onto the core for a rock solid bond. This process makes our grips lighter and more rigid with compression and breaking strength that are off the charts! The end result is rod grips that have a natural carbon fiber sparkle and shine with a textured finish that looks great and feels even better.

Compression Oven Cured
Compression Oven Curing

CFX Performance

CFX Grips are deigned from the ground up with precision in mind. Click the button below to check out our grip performance page.

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